Sometimes silence is deadly. 

It becomes too easy to get lost in the darkness inside your head.



For as long as I can remember I have been questioning who and what I am. Always wondering why I felt like an observer looking through my own eyes at a world to which I never truly belonged.


I am so confused right now, I don’t know who I am, who I was or even who I want to be. I’m not looking for reasons, excuses, or explanations for how or why I find myself in this place at this moment. Such things are pointless speculations at best and they won’t help me find the answers I need.
I want to be able to close my eyes and know.
I want to be able to step outside this body, with its assumptions and expectations, its imposed suppositions, all the contrived actions and reactions. I want… No, I need to be free to be.
I made the mistake of thinking I needed to rediscover myself, to embark on a journey of rebuilding, retooling, of making a better more enlightened version of myself when in truth, I never knew myself. Everywhere I look, every thought, opinion, hope and dream has been borrowed from somewhere else. All those years of trying to fit in, of being a mimic, a mirror reflecting back what I thought other expected to see, left me little more than an shadow, a vaporous possibility.

Eyes Closed

Bitter winds blow across a barren landscape. Grit and sand scour rock, turning land and sky into a featureless grey blur. Whispers and sighs unexpectedly turn to thunderous roars of anger, of frustration.


I am left with nothing but memories burned to ash.

Know thy self

I read once, if you want to truly know yourself, you need to look deep inside and question everything. 

When I close my eyes, allowing myself to sink  past the noise and distractions, into the deeper darkness within, I ask “who is waiting or me here?” Each time I am faced by an image of a small girl with piercing blue eyes. There is no fear, no hesitation, only the deepest acceptance of her own existence. It is I who doubts, who questions. 

It is I whose heart trembles with fear.

Passion (Poetry)

By Kira A. Moore 

Heat rises.

Senses soar.
Filled with


You are
My world,
My universe.