“Lights Out”

By Kira A. Moore




She had been named for Murphy’s Law, which given the circumstances made her smile, as she listened to the sounds of anguish over lost game scores and favorite shows to be missed.


7 thoughts on “Lights Out (Flash Fiction)

  1. Kira, thank you for sharing this, I am sure in time I will completely get it. Reading and truly getting (understanding) poetry takes an effort I am still woking on. Please take care, Bill

    1. Bill,

      I am sorry for any confusion you may of had regarding “Lights Out”.

      It is a form of Flash Fiction, not poetry. In this case it is a story self contained within a single sentence.

      The main character, Murphy, smiles at the irony of her name in relation to the sudden power outage which has caught her siblings in the midst of video gaming and her parents looking forward to their favorite shows being recorded for later viewing.
      As you can guess, the loss of power means horrible consequences for the digital addicts and all their well laid plans.

      Have a wonderful day,


    1. Thank you, I have three boys, all addicted to one electronic device or another and they all sound as if the world just ended because the power’s out.

      The photo is from this past Halloween when I paid a specialist to do my makeup… it was well worth the time and expense!

      I think every woman needs to be pampered at least once a year. 🙂

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