By Kira A. Moore

She wondered, for a moment, when the voices in her mind had fallen silent.

So many times she had wished for them to fade away, to lead her clear minded for just a moment. Now she missed them. Inside her head was an echoing silence in which she felt truly alone; isolated from the world in a way which was nearly physical weight upon her shoulders.

Her steps slowed as she made an effort to reconnect with her surroundings. It seemed as if she were walking through a dream, though she knew she was awake… or as awake as she was ever likely to find herself. She could see the trees shifting in a wind. The same wind which tousled her hair and fluttered through her clothing, yet she felt nothing.

Traffic moved by and birds flitted from branch to branch. She could imagine their sounds; the sharp notes of birdsong, the menacing hiss of rubber on asphalt, yet she might as well have been truly deaf for the silence which roared in her ears.

Her footsteps took her forward almost of their own accord, a kind of autopilot she felt no need to override. She knew where she needed to go just as she knew what she needed to do; had known for as long as she could remember.

She turned the corner and strode toward concrete stairs which would lift her up to the bridge which arched high overhead, gray steel, concrete, and asphalt soaring nearly thirty feet over the placid waters below. They too gray, reflecting the sky and matching her black and white visions.

Passing traffic seemed to set the world to vibrating, from the soles of her feet to the top of her head. An almost soothing buzz. She turned her eyes from the passing cars and trucks and placed her hands on the cold steel handrail.

She wondered, for just a moment, how it would feel to fly.


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