She stepped outside, holding the door open with one foot. It was night. It was always night in a place like this. When was the last time any of them had seen the sun she wondered. Not in her lifetime, that’s for sure. It was either this or the tunnels; no one went out in the day, not if they could help it anyway. She felt her pockets, making sure she had her keys before she let the door close with a thump. When they tell you not to forget your keys, they meant it.


She hated living in this part of town. True, crime was low and the prices were right, but only because no one here had anything to begin with. It was also the reason the street lights went out an hour after dusk; not enough taxes to make it worth anyone’s time to keep them running. She checked both directions before stepping out on the sidewalk. Odds were if there was anyone out she wouldn’t know it until it was too late but old habits died hard. She made a point of going out now, while it was late enough nearly everyone who was going out was already in the Red District and too early for those coming back, drunk, wasted, broke, and dangerous.


She adjusted her Cat’s Eyes on her nose. They were really the wrong size and chafed her skin, but they were better than nothing. They turned the muddy darkness into a fuzzy green which was just free enough of static so she didn’t trip over the uneven pavement. She kept to the shadows as much as possible, moving from one inky pool to another like a thief in the night, an image which made her smile in spite of herself given who her father was.


“If he could see me now,” she thought to herself. Hell, she’d never hear the end of it she was sure, maybe more from her mother than him, but hear it she would.


She reached up with a slim finger and touched her left ear.


“Officer Perelli, checking in.”


8 thoughts on “In The Dark (Fiction)

  1. Oh, I like this *almost* as much as the beloved Bella. You’ve got so many stories inside of you — I hope you get the chance to share them all with us. Would love for this one to keep going. 🙂

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