First of all, a huge thank you! to Seventhvoice over at for allowing me to add this to my own blog.

So here are the top 3 things I would like commenters to abide by on my site.

Firstly please take the time to read and understand the full blog post before commenting.

Please stay on topic. Even if you disagree with something I’ve written and would like to give examples of counter opinions please do try to stay on track. I find comments that wander off into other areas confusing.

Please try to be respectful of others experiences and views at all times.

Commenting No No’s

Please do not leave comments that are filled with personal links.

I cannot stress this enough, so please do not fill the space I give you for your comments with links to your own blog site. Readers will be able to see who you are by your blog name when you make a comment and they will decide for themselves by the quality of your comment whether or not they wish to look you up.

To be perfectly clear on this, my blog is the genuine expression of my own experiences and views. I would really appreciate it if you would treat is as such.

Top 3 things that may see your comment deleted.

Attacking other bloggers. Please do not use my site to attack other bloggers.

By all means question my content if you feel the need too, but I will not tolerate attacks on either myself or other bloggers.

Being overtly hostile toward or denigrating my views will also prevent me from posting your views.

Respect is a two-way street and there are a multitude of appropriate ways to challenge my perspectives. Being rude is not one of them.

To all those wonderful bloggers who regularly take the time to comment on my posts, please know that I welcome, appreciate and value your views.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this


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